About the Peninsula Trauma Network

The Peninsula Trauma Network brings together all those responsible for treating patients who have undergone major trauma incidents across Devon and Cornwall, including the isles of Scilly. Our aim is to improve the treatment of major trauma and to reduce the number of people who die or are left with severe disabilities as a result.

The Peninsula Trauma Network has been set up to ensure that the patient receives the most appropriate care at the correct time. The Network is responsible for overseeing the care of all major trauma patients in this region.

The Network comprises an adult Major Trauma Centre (MTC), a paediatric Major Trauma centre and 4 trauma units (TU’s). South of England Trauma system

It also includes the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and a number of third sector healthcare providers.

In the Peninsula, Derriford Hospital is the Major Trauma Centre for adults and Bristol Royal Hospital for Children the paediatric Major Trauma Centre. A key factor in determining which hospitals are the Major Trauma Centres is the level of specialist services that are available. Both of the Trauma Centres are the only hospitals within the region that are able to provide neurosurgery and cardiothoracic surgery as well as all of the other specialist services needed. Providing expert care for major trauma patient is being able to ensure the availability of these and the other key specialties all in one dedicated location.

Depending on journey time and injury, patients can be transported directly to the MTC following on scene assessment, or may be taken to a trauma unit for initial care and stabilisation. Because of the travel times involved within this region this is frequently the case. They will then often be transferred to the appropriate Major Trauma Centre.

Trauma Units play a vital role in the initial resuscitation of major trauma patients. They may also be involved in the on-going care such as rehabilitation. Indeed, because the Trauma units in this region are all acute hospitals in their own right it is quite usual for patients with mild to moderate major trauma injuries to receive all of their care at the local Trauma unit.