Trauma Team and Transfer training

Trauma Team Training

Please note that unfortunately training has been placed on hold due to the ongoing pressures and impacts of which have been caused by Covid-19.

We are still prodiving education and learning through our website The PTN.


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Transfer Training.

There are currently 4 transfer courses being run throughout the Peninsula:

Derriford Transfer Course

Derriford Hospital runs a twice yearly transfer course, aimed at anaesthetists, acute critical care practitioners and nursing staff. The aim of the course is to familiarise them with the equipment used on intra and inter hospital transfers, to give them a sense of human factors, safety and documentation. To that end the course has a number of components. Opening lectures set the scene and discuss mission planning, safety factors and important dos and don’ts. That is followed by a hands on equipment session before scenario based training using high fidelity simulation. The final scenario involves an ambulance transfer, which all of the participants have found particularly useful. The faculty is very experienced, with personnel from military and civilian backgrounds who have transferred patients using many different platforms.

For further information please email Dr Robin Berry


COAAST Transfer Course  

This course was developed at the Royal Cornwall Hospital and has been running for 2 years.  It aims to deliver training to Anaesthetic and ICU registrars to enable them to provide excellent care to Critically Ill Care patients during both inter-hospital and intra-hospital transfers.  Focused lectures on safety, preparation, equipment, an introduction to aviation medicine and discussion of specific concerns around neurosurgical and burns patients form the basis of the morning's program.  A small-group, real-time exercise on packaging a critical care patient follows using simulated patients.  This task addresses everything from securing vascular access adequately to liaising with the receiving hospital.

In the afternoon there is a practical session which, subject to availability, includes tours of the Cornwall Air Ambulance and a front-line land ambulance give a chance to consider the space and equipment constraints of these platforms.  Following this, the earlier packaging scenario is resumed as each group loads their patient into the back of a Royal Navy Search & Rescue Sea King helicopter where they work as a team with the aircrew to manage a critical incident.  All this takes place while wearing a life-vest, headsets and goggles with the engines running to offer maximal fidelity and immersion in the helicopter environment.

For further information please email Dr D Ashton-Cleary


Torbay Transfer Course

Twice a year a one day multi-professional transfer training course is run. Participants are actively invited from Doctors and nurses from within ED, Anaesthetics AMUs etc.


Royal Devon and Exeter Transfer Course

A regular transfer training course is run by the Intensive Care Unit.

For further information please email Dr Alastair Dow