Major Trauma NICE Guidance

Major Trauma NICE Guidance

QS166 Trauma Quality Standard  (Published: March 2018)
NG37 Fractures (complex): assessment and management (Published: February 2016)
NG38 Fractures (non-complex): assessment and management (Published: February 2016)
NG39 Major Trauma: assessment and initial management. (Published: February 2016)
NG40 Major Trauma: service delivery (Published: February 2016)
NG41 Spinal Injury: assessment and initial management (Published: February 2016)

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Major Trauma Related NICE Guidance


TA74 Pre-hospital initiation of fluid replacement therapy in trauma ( (On Static list) (Published: Jan 2001)


ESUOM1 Significant haemorrhage following trauma (Published: October 2012)

Head injury

CG176  Head Injury: assessment and early management (Published: May 2017) 


IPG361  Insertion of metal rib reinforcements to stabilise a flail chest wall (Published: October 2010)


CG83 Rehabilitation after critical illness in adults (Checked 06/2018) (Published: March 2009)
NG116 Post-traumatic stress disorder  (Published: December 2018)  Replaced  CQ26 Post-traumatic stress disorder: management 
NEW Rehabilitation after traumatic injury - In development (Due in Nov 2021)
QS158 Rehabilitation after critical illness in adults (Published: September  2017)